Recharge is a Central Texas-Based real estate and natural resources company dedicated to tapping into the region’s vast water supply to find solutions to meet our regions growing demand.

In June 2014, Caprock Partners, an investment firm that provides growth capital to small businesses, invested in End Op. They renamed the organization managing the project “Recharge”, which is reflective of its mission to address Central Texas’ future water needs by bridging the gap between private and public access to the large amount of available groundwater in the Central Texas region. The goal is to build a model partnership between residents/regions and the private investment community so that we can continue to recharge our economy and meet the water needs of future generations.

As the holder of approved groundwater permits in the “economic heart” of Texas, RECHARGE is well-positioned to meet the region's water needs, with the right to produce up to 46,000 acre feet per year from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer. This is enough water supply to meet the commercial and residential needs of 184,000 people annually.